1 in 2 adolescent girls in Kenya will not finish high school due to lack of school fees and those who actually do, have little or no education whatsoever on money management or entrepreneurship.


Our mission is to help girls stay in school and become business savvy.


We connect our supporters with the girls they impact when they donate or purchase our merchandise.


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The name “Mdada” comes from a Swahili slang word in Tanzania meaning a young sister or young girl. Mdada is a social enterprise empowering young women and girls through education sponsorship, entrepreneurship and financial literacy training.

Mdada’s founder, Ms. Lila Kiwelu’s earliest childhood memory was being sent home from school for lack of school fees which ended up making her a pedestrian casualty on the same day. Over the years studying International Relations and later working for Oxfam, her interest in eradicating poverty through empowerment of women and girls continued to grow.

In Jan 2015, she was identified by Spark* International as one of Kenya's Changemakers, for her focus on bringing communities out of poverty. She later won a grant from the Pollination Project and was featured by the Huffington Post for her work empowering women and girls through education. Mdada is also a registered business venture on Venture Capital 4 Africa.

At Mdada we believe that empowering women and girls significantly helps reduce poverty. According to the World Bank, a girl with an extra year of education can earn 20% more as an adult. In the words of US President Barack Obama in his recent visit to Kenya, “Any nation that fails to educate its girls is doomed to fall behind the global economy…”


We train young women and girls on entrepreneurship and financial literacy as well as contribute to the school fees of those coming from challenging backgrounds. We also provide the same service to parents and schools that want this training available for their teenage boys and girls. Our individual sponsors and partners are also welcome to support our work through donations and purchase of our merchandise.

We believe that learning how to earn and manage money reinforces discipline among young people. For our girls who would otherwise be sent home for lack of school fees, their confidence is boosted and learning is more enjoyable as they don’t have to be stressed about missing out on class work or suffer embarrassment for being on the list to be sent home for lack of school fees.

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90% of donations go to the payment of school fees and money management training.


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